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The website to submit abstracts is closed until further notice.

The 2020 ICAM has been postponed to 23-25 September 2021. Further information about the conference will be posted when it is available.
Authors who have already submitted abstracts for the 2020 conference will be contacted individually during the next few months about the abstract submission process for 2021.




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For more information, please contact: [email protected]

ICAM organisers encourage high quality and relevant presentations of the latest aviation medicine research, policy developments, and interesting clinical cases at its annual Conference. Authors who wish to present at the Conference, either an oral podium talk or a poster, are requested to submit an abstract of their intended presentation for review by the ICAM Scientific Committee.

An individual is limited to one (1) oral presentation during a Conference, unless an exception has been granted by the Scientific Committee Chairman. Authors may present additional posters, if accepted for presentation.

It is the responsibility of the first author to ensure that all submitted abstracts and presented material are properly cleared for public release.

The on-line abstract submission process allows authors to indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation, however the final format decision rests with the Scientific Committee.

Abstract Rules

The first author of the abstract is normally the presenting author, and he/she bears responsibility for the content of the abstract and presentation. If a presentation is to be given by someone other than the first author, the Scientific Committee Chairman must be notified.

The language of the abstract may be either English or French. Translation from other languages into one of these languages is the responsibility of the author.

The title of the presentation should be concise. The title should be given in BOTH English and French, if possible.

Abstracts reporting original studies should be structured to include an Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions sections. Abstracts of clinical presentations and case histories may deviate from this format. The total number of words in an abstract shall not exceed 300. The online abstract submission form will permit a few more than 300 words to be entered, to allow for formulas and special formatting. A sample abstract is available online to provide guidance for authors submitting abstracts for the Conference.

Submission Process

Abstracts must be submitted online through links provided on the Conference website. The website explains the submission process. Authors are encouraged to prepare abstracts off-line and paste into the online submission form.


The highest standard of ethics must be employed in the conduct and reporting of studies to be presented at the Conference. There must be no commercial promotion of products or procedures. Authors are required to declare all non-governmental or non-academic support or funding (for example, business or commercial support) for the work upon which the presentation is based. The first or presenting author must complete the Declaration for Authors in the online form.

Retention Policy

It is the policy of the Academy that authors will be expected to submit a copy of their presentation (slide or poster) during the Conference for the Academy’s retention and subsequent use. Authors are reminded that their presentations must have been cleared in advance for public release. If absolutely necessary, a slightly modified version of the presentation or poster may be submitted for retention.

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