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The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. It is the largest, most-representative professional membership organization in the fields of aerospace medicine and human performance.
AsMA is a scientific forum providing a setting for many different disciplines to come together and share their expertise for the benefit of all persons involved in air and space travel. The Association has provided its expertise to a multitude of Federal and international agencies on a broad range of issues, including aviation and space medical standards, the aging pilot, and physiological stresses of flight. AsMA's membership includes aerospace medicine specialists, flight nurses, physiologists, psychologists, human factors specialists, physician assistants, and researchers in this field. Most are with industry, civil aviation regulatory agencies, departments of defense and military services, the airlines, space programs, and universities.



The European Society of Aerospace Medicine was founded in 2006 as an umbrella organisation in the field of Aerospace Medicine. As a pan-European, independent forum, it works to promote the safety and health of all persons involved in aviation and space operations, and to coordinate European aerospace medical interests across all national and organisational boundaries.
We aim to assist the various responsible bodies in the development and harmonisation of educational activities in aerospace medicine throughout Europe, and to develop continuous information flows and dialogue between the National Aeromedical Associations, and encourage the exchange of scientific results and experience. We strive to reach a consensus which can then contribute to the scientific evidence base which should be the foundation of aeromedical decision making.



Founded in 1955, the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and sustainability of the field of aviation and space medicine. This is achieved through international scientific collaboration among experts with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds that support our multidisciplinary nature and contribute to our valuable diversity. According to our new IAASM Strategic Plan our Vision is “To be the pre-eminent international, multi-disciplinary organization in aviation and space medicine, through the leadership, knowledge and collaboration of our members”. Our Mission is “To provide international leadership and mentorship and to advance the knowledge and understanding of aviation and space medicine through worldwide initiatives in education, training, research and practice.”



Founded in 1960 by Dr. Grandpierre, the French Society of Aviation and Space Medicine develops the research in space medicine and promulgates the latest news education, training, medical expertise and clinical practice.
In 2018, the Society expanded the space medicine to other French speaking countries, with the objective of spreading their knowledge to a larger audience, of increasing the number of associates and facilitate the intercultural exchanges.
Amongst other activities, the Society organizes workshops during conferences to showcase the latest clinical researches, publishes a quarterly magazine (Revue Médecine Aéronautique & Spatiale) and updates regularly the dedicated website ( www.soframas.asso.fr). It is also involved in the edition of several scientific headings and hands the Marie Marvingt Award, one of the 18 rewards during the Aerospace Medical Association Congress (AsMA) in the United States.
Hundreds of civil and military doctors are part of the Society, composed also by an Executive Committee, a Reading Committee, a Review Committee and a Scientific Committee. The Society can also count on several specialists in different areas from neurosensory to psychology, who discuss and support its objectives and purposes near the regulatory authorities.

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