Dear Colleagues and Guests,

It is a great honour and privilege to announce the organisation of the first International Conference of Aerospace Medicine ICAM 2020, held in the city of Paris, France, during September 24 -26 2020.


This conference is under the auspices and joint sponsorship of:

  • The Aerospace Medical Association - AsMA,
  • The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine – IAASM,
  • The European Society of Aerospace Medicine – ESAM,
  • La Société Francophone de Médecine Aérospatiale - SOFRAMAS.

ICAM 2020 will be the first International forum to get together the entire Civilian and military specialists involved in Aerospace Medicine, Airlines medical doctors, Repatriation, Occupational Health. The Scientific Committee prepares an exciting program.

ICAM 2020 will take place in the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie ("City of Science and Industry") the biggest science museum in Europe, located in Parc de la Villette in Paris, France.

ICAM 2020 will also include:

  • The 68th international Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine, ICASM 2020
  • The 7th European Congress of Aerospace Medicine, ECAM 2020
  • Le 1er Congrès de la Société Francophone de Médecine Aérospatiale

Paris, a legendary city, has inspired artists, photographers and musicians throughout the ages. The City of Light is also a vibrant 21st-century capital, with its world-famous exhibitions, French food culture mixed of tradition and innovation and busy stores and terraces. Situated at the heart of Europe, Paris is easy to get to, with 2 international airports: Paris Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris Orly connecting the French capital to 557 cities in 132 countries. The city’s 16 metro and 5 RER commuter rail lines make it easy and quick to get around Paris and its environs. The public transport network also comprises extensive bus service and several tram lines.

With their history and impressive architecture, Paris’s monuments undoubtedly contribute to the charm of the French capital. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacré Cœur Basilica and the Arc de Triomphe are the four best-known monuments.

On behalf of the ICAM 2020 Organization Committee members, I wish to welcome all the future attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

© Virginie Valdois - Laurent Masson
Dr Vincent Feuillie
President of the Organization Committee - ICAM 2020

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